Waterval Boven is situated in Mpumalanga in some of the most pristine scenic nature in the northern regions of South Africa.

Nestled on the banks of the Elands River, the town was on a major railway route. The construction of the railway line by the NZAM (Nederlandsche Zuid-Afrikaansch Spoorweg-Mattskappij) undertook some amazing engineering feats and a series of tunnels were constructed to facilitate the railway line.

The railway line was constructed as a supply depot, from Maputo to Komatipoort in the north to Pretoria, and reached Waterval Boven in March 1894.

The railway line was later altered and the original tunnel was used as part of the road infrastructure and closed down in 1936 when the picturesque Elands Pass was built.

Waterval Boven and its sister town Waterval Onder have become major tourist attractions with the surrounding mountains offering some of the best rock climbing in South Africa. Over 450 sport climbing routes and 150 traditional routes are a permanent attraction with rock climbers.

This has led to the demand for tourist accommodation and further tourist development in the region with attractions including The Elands River Waterfalls, The Num Num Hiking trail, The Rocky Drift Nature Reserve, The Sudwala Caves, The Potholes and Kaapsehoop Ghost and Historical Tours.

Due to the scenery and tranquillity in the area, there are also a large number of day- and beauty spas which have started in the region. Waterval Boven is also a stop-over for tourists travelling north to the Kruger National Park.

The best way to experience the country side is via train which follows the undulating countryside, hugging the mountains in some places making for dramatic photography.

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