Warrenton is located in the Northern Cape, on the Vaal River and was established in 1880 after a syndicate bought a part of the farm Grasbult.

With the discovery of diamonds in 1888 the town grew and by 1926 it seems the diamond rush and yields were depleted. The town did however have its roots in farming and agriculture which is still the main source of income for the town.

The weather conditions in this part of the Northern Cape are very unpredictable and the town has suffered through drought and near floods. This makes the living conditions a real test of character.

The town is today supported by a commercial and light to medium industrial hub which is a support industry to the farmers in the region.

Tourism forms a small part of the industry in Warrenton with attractions like Benfontein Nature Reserve, Bloemhof Dam Nature Reserve, The Big Hole (Kimberly), Northern Cape Wine Estates, Benfontein Nature Reserve and Old Sluice and water wheel.

Towns around Warrenton include Kimberly and Christiana.

Mining companies have been studying the dry river beds of the Harts River for diamonds which has been an ongoing project since 2006. In a report on the exploration it was found that during the test for the feasibility of mining here that more than 75 million cubic meters of diamondiferous gravel was produced, thus it seems mining will have a revival in the town of Warrenton.

Warrenton is the last outpost before you enter Botswana via the N12 and N18 highways making the road and town an important stop off for transport and road freight companies. The railway system has a major junction in Warrenton which serves the Cape Town, Zimbabwe line and the Cape Town - Johannesburg route. Thus there is a reasonable industry catering for transport companies and the railways which further add to the economy of the town.

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