With a name like Vredefort one would expect a history of peace somewhere. Instead Vredefort is, according to geological studies and satellite imaging history, the site of the oldest asteroid or bolide impact. Satellite imagery used shows that the total impact zone was more 300km across. It is said that the asteroid is the largest to have impacted with earth since the Hadean one that hit earth approximately 4 billion years ago.

According to ageing, geologists have placed the time of the impact within the Paleoprotorozoic Era thus giving the crater an age of 2.023 billion years. The force of the impact is reputed to have had enough kinetic energy to cause volcanic activity in the region and it is further claimed that the formation of the Witwatersrand basin occurred within the same time, thus the gold and platinum products found in the Witwatersrand mines and the Free Sate platinum mines.

The Vredefort Dome, as it is referred to, has been added to the UNESCO Heritage Site list due to the geological interest in the formation.

The Dome has a tourist attraction and that along with farming in the region sustains parts of the Free State. According to the concerned parties they feel this could have a negative ecological effect on the Dome and the Vaal River as a whole.

Mining is thus a major source of income to the region and suburbs or towns like Fochville are founded around the deposits the region offers.

Property values are within the norm of suburbs elsewhere in South Africa, being driven by demand for property.

The town is well established and all the amenities such as schools are in place. Some of the schools you will find in Vredefort include Vredefort Primary School and Boiphihlelo High School.

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