Vanes Estate in Uitenhage is the same as any other suburb in a major metropolitan municipality across South Africa. There are suburbs catering to specific income groups and status, where the suburb is located in relation to commercial and industrial hubs and schools.

Vanes Estate is a suburb which is large and has a varied pricing structure catering for middle low to middle upper-class income groups so to pin the status of the suburb in a specific category is difficult. There are part of the suburb that are middle-upper-class and parts that are middle lower-class.

In essence this is of benefit to the sales movement in the suburb as in a whole the sales movement is stable or showing an upward gradient in sales.

The architecture of homes in the suburb shows how the progress of architecture and fashion have changed the architecture. Naturally as with any suburb the more modern architectural homes also contribute to the growth in property values in a small measure.

The mixed property usage in the suburb also attracts the younger generation as there is a good mixture of townhouse complexes and freestanding homes. The availability of vacant stands is dwindling which means one has to rely more on existing homes but if you would rather build a home to your lifestyle needs and specification it is a good start as the vacant stands are still well-priced.

There are scores of industrial hubs close to Vanes Estate which does reduce the travel time with nodes namely Cape Road Industrial, Alexander Park Industrial and then of course there are scores who are employed in Port Elizabeth which is a short 33 minute drive.

There are numerous schools in Vanes Estate catering for educational requirements namely Muir College Boys High School, Laerskool Albertyn and Brandwag High School.

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