Vanderbijlpark is a model town constructed around a steel mill which was erected after the Second World War due to the demand worldwide for steel.

The steel mill was overseen by Dr H J van der Bijl whom was recalled by then South African Prime Minister Jan Smuts to oversee industrial development of South Africa and the construction of the ISCOR Steel mill in Pretoria in the 1920’s.

Vanderbijlpark is situated on the banks of the Vaal River, within the Highveld region.

When looking at the architecture of Vanderbijlpark you will notice that the same designs are prominent in the older parts, this is because ISCOR built these homes for its work force.

Vanderbijlpark has been growing and expanding since the 1920’s and there are exclusive suburbs in Vanderbijlpark which are highly sought after.

Most of the workforce in Vanderbijlpark is still employed in the steel mills which are now owned by a man with the name of Mittal. Mittal bought up all the ICOR shares and it is now home to Arcelor Mittal.

Vanderbijlpark is home to one of SA’s largest manufactures of steel wire, Cape Gate and Fence and Consolidated Wire Industries.

Vanderbijlpark is thus a town centred on medium to heavy engineering of steel and steel related products with service industries supporting the maintenance of the industry.

Due to the proximity of the town to the Vaal River and dam there are exclusive properties which have been developed in the form of exclusive golf and lifestyle estates which are highly sought after.

Vanderbijlpark is a well established town with primary, secondary and tertiary education facilities which make up the needs for education in the region.

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