Umzinto is a town located in the KZN Province and on the Umzinto River. The town can boast that it is the first town established in Natal in 1858. Sugar Mills were the point of origin for many settlements in KZN and Umzinto was no different.

Folklore has it that the town was named after a tourist named Um that crossed a stream. He did not see a crocodile hidden in the water and was bitten in half which led to his companion exclaiming in fright, “Um’s in two”. This was reputed to have happened in 1745 according to a novelist Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver’s Travels. The event could never be confirmed.

The town expanded over the years to what it is today and at some point in its history the town boasted 3 large textile mills which were a core industry in sustaining the town and region.

Today Umzinto is more famous for religious and cultural affiliations to the Islam beliefs. The famous Darul-Uloom named Madrassa Da’watul is home to a few graduates that have memorised the entire Quraan.

The town is well established with schools, industrial and commercial hubs.

Umzinto offers the following schools to the residents, offering quite a few options: Umzinto Vale, Umzinto Secondary School, Umzinto Islamic School and Roseville Secondary.

Umzinto is located close to Park Rynie which is a highly sought after tourist destination amongst fishing enthusiast and seasonal tourist.

Umzinto also offers some attractions close by, including Selborne Golf Course, Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve and Umzinto Beach which has shark nets for bathers.

The property values in Umzinto are driven by demand and proximity which are stabilizing factors in the property values.

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