Uitzicht as the Dutch name may infer means “view”. Situated high up in the Durbanville Hills is the tranquil well-established suburb of Uitzicht.

Property values suggest the suburb falls within the middle to exclusive range and property usage consist of free standing homes and townhouses.

Situated on the border of Durbanville means the suburb is far from being developed completely which translated to property values being increased due to more modern architecture and elevated building costs. Vacant stands in Uitzicht are still relatively affordable given the status of the suburb and may be a consideration if time is not a major factor for residential needs.

The other reason Uitzicht is so popular is the tranquillity which reflects a sense of community and family and this is further affirmed by the number of schools close to the suburb.

Being on the outskirts of Durbanville by no means indicates the suburb is remote, quit the contrary, the suburb is very much in a prime location. The location of Uitzicht reduces travel time to industrial and commercial hubs and there is very little need to travel along the congested highways to reach most destinations.

Reputable schools are a major factor in determining the appeal of a suburb as a home and Uitzicht has the following reputable schools servicing the region; Meridian Pinehurst Private School, Curro Private School, Monument Park High School and Durbanville Primary School.

The fact that Uitzicht Security Estate has been developed is a very good indication that the suburb is a growth market and this has also been a good form of exposure for the suburbs properties in general.

There is a wide variety of malls catering for retail and entertainment needs to residents such as Cobble Walk Shopping Centre, Graanedal Shopping Centre and Cape Gate Mall.

Uitzicht has easy access to Durbanville Road and the N1 if there are those who work in other suburbs.

Take a tour of the homes in Uitzicht via the Myroof web-site.

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