The early 1900’s was a period in South Africa’s history where property development was prolific. Suburbs were taking shape and the move from the then predominant apartment buildings made way for family homes centralized around either commercial or industrial sectors for sustainability and longevity. The demographic of suburbs in Gauteng are driven by specific industries which are commercial and industrial and manufacturing.

Suburbs closer to major commercial hubs will naturally attract the people involved in the commercial sector and in the manufacturing or engineering sector choosing these suburbs for their exclusivity.

The idyllic suburb of Sydenham was established and dating back to the cessation of mining in the Johannesburg region saw commerce shifting towards the commercial sector as the predominant source of income.

Sydenham was once a predominantly Jewish community as can be seen by the number of Jewish institutions still servicing the remainder of the Jewish community.

It would be safe to assume that Sydenham is a well-established suburb with stable growth in property values stemming from demand driven by the proximity to commercial and industrial hubs. The status of the suburb is that of the middle-class with some exclusive homes that have been renovated or reconstructed. This has brought a stronger middle-class status to the suburb and increased property values slightly as these redeveloped homes have also set a standard in architecture in keeping with current trends.

The central location of Sydenham is obvious from the surrounding suburbs like Norwood, Houghton, Linksfield and Bedfordview with commercial hubs in Bedfordview, Norwood, and easy access to Sandton and Rivonia. Access is further extended to the north to Bryanston with its expanding commercial hub and then Buccleuch and Woodmead.

The region and surrounding suburbs have the benefit of established educational institutions such as Maryvale College, Highlands North Boy’s High School and Rainbow Hill Christian School.

Malls that service Sydenham are Norwood mall, Balfour Park and Melrose Arch.

Take a tour of the homes in Sydenham via the Myroof website.

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