Located between Glen Gariff and Gonube is the idyllic resort town of Sunrise on Sea though it is part of the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality. This does not however mean there is not a complete tranquillity, situated where it is it is the ultimate in tranquillity and natural beauty.

A large part of this coastline has a clear absence of complete urbanization and commercialization which is one of the major contributing factors why it is a sought after holiday property market and residential property market.

In distance the quaint town is not really that remote as a mere 35 minute drive takes on into East London city centre and the outlaying industrial and commercial sectors.

The property usage in Sunrise on Sea varies from freestanding homes, townhouse complexes and some “country villages which are full-title developments. The town has a middle to middle upper-class status and the architecture is a recorded history of how the town has developed with architectural style like the classic conventional homes all the way to the modern architecture setting the trends in the market currently.

Like with its neighbouring villages Sunrise on Sea has spectacular views of the ocean and silky white beaches is something beach front homes enjoy.

The amount of vacant stands in the town situated close to the beach are dwindling in stock and still have an affordable price tag.

As a second holiday home investment this is the ideal town to invest in as the property values are stable and has a growth rate which is also influenced by the market norm which means to say as a long term investment the town still offers value for money.

As a residential town there are naturally school namely Beaconhurts School and Gonubie High School.

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