Mpumalanga is a Province in South Africa which has a lot of mystique and attraction. A combination of nature and history are what forms the attraction.

Stonehenge, Mpumalanga is a suburb of Nelspruit which has this tourist attraction to draw the crowds all year round along with being a residential suburb.

Here is a bit of theories about Stonehenge which are by and large only conjecture and speculation but are attractive.

The one argument is that the monoliths and the surrounding structures are man-made and are said to have been used as astrological maps and that the sites have curative powers.

The speculation continues and the suburb of Stonehenge is steadily growing from the point of origin back in time when Nelspruit was formed.

The suburb is well established and the industry in which the region finds its sustainability and roots are in forestry, mining and tourism.

The homes are of mixed use and this is certainly a gardener’s haven as the climate is sub-tropical and very pleasant all year round. Architecture is not limited to specific design and this is reflected in the exclusive lifestyle and golf estates in the town of Nelspruit with estates like Sunset View to name but one.

Thus property value is driven by demand, location and historic value.

The suburb has malls, schools, industrial and commercial hubs similar to larger cities across Gauteng and South Africa, catering for the resident's needs.

Schools in the suburb and in close proximity are Tshwane University Of Technology Nelspruit Campus (for further educational needs), Saint Peters Primary School, Lowveld High School and Flamboyant School.

Malls in Nelspruit and close to Stonehenge include West End Shopping Centre, i'Langa Mall and Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre.

Take a tour of the vacant stands, exclusive homes and residential property in Stonehenge via the MyRoof website.

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