Kensington and South Kensington have grown in popularity over time for various reasons that benefit the property values and property usage.

One of the many factors that will appeal to interested buyers to South Kensington is the tree lined streets that was one of the stipulations of Max Langermann who established the suburb in 1897. Other appealing factor is the hills and Koppies that the suburb stands on which offer stunning views over Johannesburg.

South Kensington is a middle-class suburb which is apparent from the property values and what the homes offer. The mixed property usage caters for a large base which increases demand for homes in the suburb. On some of the major roads on the border of the suburb there are commercial properties which bring with it a higher average sales value for the suburb and also increase exposure to residential properties.

Due to the age of South Kensington there is a diverse architectural appeal and nostalgia that comes with the older homes with their pressed ceilings red brick construction that was fashion in the late 1800’s early 1900’s. Some of the homes have been revamped to reflect the modern architecture of today which will not be an overcapitalization for the suburb and of course there is the possibility to subdivide many of the larger stands due to their extensive sizes.

The central location of the suburb is another of its appeal factors as the suburb’s residents service both the industrial and commercial sectors.

Industrial hubs nearby are Rosherville, City and Suburban, Robertsham and Germiston South.

Commercial hubs close to the suburb are Auckland Park, Houghton, Melville and Bedfordview. Sandton, Rosebank and Rivonia are also within easy access.

South Kensignton has a large number of popular schools to choose from such as Jeppe High School for Boys, Jeppe High School for Girls, Queens High School and Eastgate Primary School.

South Kensington is lauded by many to be a reviving restaurant suburb with a large number of restaurants being established on Queen Street amongst the inviting curio shops and small boutiques.

Take a tour of the homes in South Kensington via the Myroof website.

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