Senekal was founded on the farm De Put which belonged to a Mr. F Malan and was named after the Boer Commandant, Frederick Petrus Senekal who died in battles against the Basotho people.

According to what can be discerned the town was established in 1877 and is located at the banks of the Sand River. Petition documents found at the Orange Free State House of Assembly tells a tale of the struggle farmers in the region had to establish the town as the major problem in the mid to late 1800’s was the distances people had to travel and Winburg was just too far to travel according to these documents.

Being located in the Free State Province it would be natural that this is a farming town which is sustained by the farming of maize, wheat, milk and livestock.

By many various statistics available it is felt that the town of Senekal is still much underutilized and underdeveloped which translates to a huge potential which the town has to offer.

The region and town is rich in the history pertaining to the Anglo Boer War with battle fields and memorials dotting the countryside which are worth a visit while in the town.

The other attractions are game farms and the Sand Spruit which caters for water-sports, fishing and camping.

The town itself has a quaint collection of restored homes and cottages dating back to a time when the town was established.

Attractions to the town are;

· Golden Gate National Park

· The Basotho Cultural Village

· The Burger Monument

A.D Keet, famous South African poet is reputed to have come from Senekal and the house where he grew up is still standing on Zuider Street in town.

According to STATS SA many retired people have taken up residence in Senekal and this may be due to the sedate pace of farm life and fresh air.

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