The Indian Ocean with its warm water currents and white beaches has been the minor point of origin for many of the developments as coastal resorts.

San Lameer is one such development that has been a huge property investment prospect which is classified as an exclusive lifestyle.

It is then safe to assume property values are high. One factor where this is evident is in the modern architecture which does translate to higher building costs.

The property usage which comprises apartments, freehold homes, townhouses and clusters cater for a niche market which does not mean demand for property is dampened by this factor. Quite the opposite is true because many property investors seek San Lameer as the second holiday home.

San Lameer is nestled between the two major coastal towns of Port Shepstone and Port Edward which puts it in a prime location with good exposure for tourists and possible property investors along Marine Drive as the thoroughfare.

San Lameer’s exclusive status is further enhanced by the San Lameer Golf Estate thus the market in this bracket is vast.

Rental income from holiday apartments is one avenue that could be considered as a long term investment as apartments are more affordable and demand for seasonal holiday makers is high within the exclusive end of the market.

The other investment trend with places like San Lameer is “fractional ownership” which is a more attractive option as opposed to time share. This means you can select with whom you co-own and share usage of the property.

All the important tourist amenities like malls, nightlife entertainment and beaches are close by making it the ideal holiday destination.

For permanent residents amenities like reputable schools are nearby. Here is a list of some of the schools, Creston College, Southcity Christian Schools and Port Shepstone High School.

Take a tour of the homes in San Lameer via the Myroof web-site.

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