The coastal town of Port St Johns evokes the atmosphere of a colonial town which was established around 1878, with its pristine vegetation and pristine coastline. It is safe then to assume that this town is a tranquil scenic haven. With roughly 6500 permanent residents, it is obvious that Port St John’s is a tranquil haven.

It is also for this reason that the region is named The Wild Coast. The Umzimvubu River and the pristine coastline offer tourists and resident the opportunity to explore and enjoy what is lauded as some of the most spectacular coastlines in the country.

Naturally, being a coastal town means a steady stream of local and international tourists return here and at some stage, they decide to invest in this lucrative and stable property market.

The property usage in the town consists of townhouses, apartments and freestanding homes and smallholdings, thus it is a diverse property market with a number of commercial properties in the form of lodges and guest houses. Guest houses and lodges are of course, an investment prospect for the astute entrepreneurs in the hotel and catering industry. The value of vacant stands in the town varies from moderately inexpensive to expensive depending on the location and views. The mixed architecture is the perfect archive of the growth and history of the town with some typical colonial architecture and the modern architecture which both complement one another.

Property values indicate that the town is somewhere between middle-class to upper-class.

It is obvious that Port St Johns is mostly a holiday resort town with the predominant schools being in the rural settlements.

There are a few public schools in the town like Port St Johns Community School, Port St Johns School and the Roman Catholic School.

The town is not aesthetically compromised by large malls which mean if one has major retail requirements, there is the Superspar in Port St Johns.

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