Port Shepstone has a large part of its roots in its Norwegian immigrants that came ashore here in 1882.

Port Shepstone is a tranquil seaside town which is self-sustaining with industries like timber, sub-tropical fruit farming, lime works, sugarcane plantations and marble mining.

These industries along with the tourism industry have established a stable property market and with its fair number of suburbs is a good indication that the market is buoyant and growing.

The mixed property use which comprises townhouses, apartments, vacant stands and freehold homes means a large market will find the property suited to their needs and budget.

The suburbs of Port Shepstone, as in any other town, has its various niche markets which also adds to the general demand as there are affordable homes, middle-class suburbs and more upmarket suburbs. In suburbs like Umtentweni there are new townhouse and apartment developments being undertaken which is a further indication of the growing market.

For permanent residents all the well-established amenities like schools malls, commercial and industrial hubs are nearby.

The town and its suburbs are also favored by retirees and this is in part due to the less humid weather conditions as opposed to towns like Durban. And the other factor that attracts retirees is the influx of seasonal tourist does not have that much of an impact on the sedate pace of life.

For permanent residents there are a number of reputable and popular schools such as Port Shepstone High School, Marburg Primary School, Creston College, Merlewood Primary School and Suid Natal Primary School.

For retail needs there is the Port Shepstone mall and a few smaller retail outlets.

Port Shepstone also has out of season tourists with activities such as the Oribi Gorge hiking trails and the Wild Slide at The Oribi Gorge which means there is potential for vacant stands to be developed as guest houses or B&B’s which further add value to the town.

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