Known for the African Oyster Catcher, Oyster Bay is a spectacular natural under-explored tourist gem. A dune rift measuring 12 km long and rises as high as 177 m, is an ecologically unique development and two ocean currents that merge also then contains some rare ecological phenomena.

For a fair number of property investors however Oyster Bay is their second home away from the hum-drum of city life and retreat to absolute tranquillity. Suffice to say this is the main attraction and then one at least needs to live in comfort as the budget allows.

Property in this enclave consists of freestanding homes with a varied value, smallholdings, farms and commercial property.

Although the market movement is slow compared with other coastal resort towns but it is still a buoyant property market showing growth and as other more popular destinations become overcrowded the next market would be places like Oyster Bay. One can find bargains and exclusive property, homes, in the town which will all cater for specific needs. Then there is the vacant stand market which is still by comparison an inexpensive way to build a dream holiday home.

Being a largely undeveloped town there is a mixed architecture which also gives the town a character of its own.

Beachfront properties are also, at this stage, not quit priced out of the market and even here there are a number of vacant stands which offer the most alluring views of the coral blue ocean, white beaches and surrounding pristine indigenous landscape.

As a tourist destination this is the perfect base from which to explore the regions nature reserves beaches or just to enjoy the ocean and beach.

Property values will increase steadily as stock in other regions become either too expensive or due to overcrowding.

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