Inner city living seems to intimidate many South Africans. Reasons for this include crime, drugs and prostitution, mostly associated with inner city life. This is true for some remote areas of South Africa.

The truth is that crime is a fact of life no matter where you are.

When investors target an area for the sole purpose of investment then you can be sure money will talk. This is what is currently transpiring in Newtown in Johannesburg.

If you grew up in Johannesburg during the 1980’s you will recall Braamfontein, Hillbrow, Small Street Mall and Rocky Street Flea Market. This was a time of vibrant, carefree self-gratified living.

There is so much cultural history in Johannesburg’s inner city; it would take a website just to relay this.

Newtown has been undergoing a revival and property is the target.

Newtown have been the owner of two names, namely Brickfields, (the area was rich in clay thus brick making was a stable form of income), and Burghersdorp. In 1904, after the fire brigade gutted in an attempt to destroy the bubonic plague, the suburb was redeveloped and renamed Newtown

Furthermore, The World of Beer is also hosted in Newtown. The Blue IQ Company is responsible in large part for the revival of Newtown. You will also find CCTV security cameras for public safety around Newtown.

In conclusion, do not let indifference and preconceived notions withhold you from making an informed investment decision. Newtown will most likely become a rental hot-spot with the new revival taking place. Rental income will grow due to universities in close proximity. Charlotte Maxeke Hospital is a teaching hospital and residents will need a place to stay. New Town caters for many of these students.

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