Musgrave in Durban is a residential suburb which is a mixed use suburb very much like Parktown in Johannesburg in appearance and makeup.

It is a fact that large parts of Durban were developed around sugarcane farming and forestry. The weather conditions and fertile soil in KZN is suited to agriculture so this would make perfect sense.

Musgrave slowly developed over the decades and expanded to what it is today - a suburb with properties catering for every need and function from apartment buildings, freehold homes and cluster homes. This mixture attracts a larger pool of intended property owners and in turn drives the demand for property in suburbs like Musgrave.

Retail, commercial and tourism are functions of the properties as the suburb is close to the white beaches of Durban. The mixture of conventional and modern draws a varied income group with prices ranging for the mid R 500,000 for apartments, R 500,000 to above the R 700,000 mark for cluster homes and above R 2,500,000 for freehold homes.

The views from the suburb are a feature which is a selling point as the sea is in plain sight from most vantage points.

The age of the suburb means schools are well established. Residents have Durban High School, Sastri College, Ridge Park College and Berea Primary School as options for their children to attend.

There are two campuses for the Durban University of Technology which means student residents is an alternate source of property investment generating stable income in the form of buy-to-let apartments. They serve well as holiday apartments with reasonable seasonal income.

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