The understated village/ town of Mtwalume is located on the KZN South coast. It is an unassuming village which has been spared the large scale development with sky scraper beach front hotels and the glitz which translates to a much laid back tranquil atmosphere. It has been mostly a holiday retreat for many years and therefor property values have not increased as much as the more popular markets of say Durban of Umhlanga.

The architecture of the properties is mostly rustic maintaining that village atmosphere. For this reason property values are reasonably inexpensive but within this market pricing is competitive and yields stable growth.

Holiday resorts like Mtwalume Holiday Resort do have an impact on the increasing demand for property in the town as this attracts potential property investors and the fact that there are a large number of vacant stands available for those who would like to build that exclusive holiday retreat means the property values are driven by a degree of demand.

There are however a number of beachfront low-rise apartment complexes which could attract future developers to construct more of the apartment complexes thus increasing the market size.

The mixed property use comprises freehold homes and townhouse complexes which means it is the ideal rental market too.

There is obviously parts of the town that fall within the middle-class group with more modern architecture which drives the market in large part and also demand.

For permanent residents there are schools catering for education at schools like Mtwalume Primary School, Luthuli High School, Pennington Primary School and Roseville Primary School.

For retail needs the best place would be Kingsburgh which is only 20 minutes’ drive away or in the more southerly direction is the town of Hibberdene which has a few of its own small retail outlets.

The town of Mtwalume offers a holiday destination at highly affordable market values and the opportunity should not be passed by.

Take a tour of the homes and vacant stands in Mtwalume via the Myroof web-site.

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