Mount Pleasant is a suburb of Port Elizabeth and Nelson Mandela Bay.

The suburb is a mixed use suburb comprising of townhouse complexes, free hold homes and commercial property. It also has retail and industrial hubs.

The homes are a mixture of modern-, conventional- and exclusive architecture with homes dating back to settler periods. The value of the homes are driven by demand which are derived from the factors of location, proximity to amenities, major highways and other suburbs which positively or negatively impact on the suburb.

There are many amenities which cater for Mount Pleasant, including malls, schools and industrial hubs.


· Moffett on Main

· Greenacres Shopping Centre

· Summerstrand Village


· Mount Pleasant Primary School

· Charlo Primary School

· Westering High School

· Theodor Herzl

Industrial hubs:

· Deal Party

· Neave Industrial

· Green Bushes

· North End

Not to be overlooked is the fact that Mount Pleasant is situated at the coast thus the homes have the added attraction of seaside living which does in some respects add value to property. The homes can serve as either permanent residents or buy-to-let investment for holiday tourists with town houses being the ideal low risk investment which could see tourists all year round.

The tourist attractions close to Mount Pleasant are:

· Cape Recife Nature Reserve

· Walmer Country Club

· Whale Watching in Algoa Bay

Suburbs can either compliment each other or detract from what is a stable growing suburb and Mount Pleasant is a well-established sought after expanding suburb which infuses a greater demand.

Suburbs which compliment Mount Pleasant are:

· Weighbridge Park

· Overbaakens

· Cotswold

· Lorraine

· Walmer

The Coega industrial development has brought a further added factor in sustaining the town and region which has the effect of increasing the demand for property and expansion.

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