The expanding town of Mossel Bay in the Western Cape

is by no means a small village type of town.

What started off as a small fishing village with a

harbour has expanded to firstly a holiday destination and then progressed to an

independent and self-sustaining town with commercial and industrial hubs and

growing suburbs.

Mosgas or as it is known today PetroSA refinery is

an offshore gas company which had for a long time been the primary source of

sustainability to the town and once the refinery has been commissioned there

was a large number of residents that were left stranded, but being a coastal

town and being on the Garden Route meant it was the prime holiday destination

as the town is located on the beaches of the Indian Ocean which is a holiday

makers paradise in summer seasons.

The commercial hub of the town and suburbs has of

course diversified after the commissioning of the refinery and is not

completely dependent on the refinery for sustained income any longer. Light to

medium engineering companies are still servicing the refinery with maintenance and

refurbishing which is a long-term prospect, adding to the economy of the town.

Property usage in Mossel Bay consists of freehold

homes, estates, townhouses, apartments and cluster homes and cluster homes.

It is thus safe to assume the property values vary

from affordable homes to exclusive homes, all with their own market driven

demand factors.

The newer suburbs will have a more contemporary

architecture with some conventional functional homes and the architecture of

course changes as the newer suburbs expand.

Tourism is one of Mossel Bay’s other major sources

of income and around 50 000 holiday makers are in the town between

December and January. This offers the opportunity for those in the hospitality

industry to make their mark in this region with B&B’s or gust houses by

building that idyllic haven for tourist on one of the many vacant stands

available in the more exclusive suburbs.

For permanent residents schools have been catered

for as the town was being established. Here is a short list of some of the

schools; Hoerskool Punt, Curro Mossel Bay, Hillcrest Secondary School and

Ridgeview Primary School.

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