An hours’ drive from East London on the Wild Coast lays the coastal resort town of Morgans Bay. The pristine nature of the town and region is a major attraction for both tourists and property investors.

The town is not a densely populated town which is one of the reasons why it is such a tranquil haven with a property usage which consists of freestanding homes, smallholdings and farms. There are no townhouses or apartments in the town which means the stands are large.

One of the reasons it is not that densely populated in the fact that it is an hours’ drive form a major city and then due to the sheer cliffs named the Morgans Bay cliffs. Most of the residential or holiday homes have been built as close as permissible to the cliff ends to give these homes the most spectacular views imaginable.

Commercial property caters for backpackers and tourists to the region all year round.

Property values in the town suggest that this is firstly a buoyant market and a then is upper-class to prestigious town. A mixed architecture in the town gives the town a character of its own with conventional to ultra-modern homes. Here there are not many landscaped gardens as residents try and retain the ruggedness of the surroundings.

Tourist attraction in Morgans Bay will keep tourists busy for days on end with places like a visit to the Lalapanzi Adventure Centre, extended walks on the Wild Coast Meander Hiking Trail or Horse Trail Riding with the Mkulu Kei establishment or just soak up the tranquillity on the pearly white beaches or marvel at Hole In The Wall at Coffee Bay.

Being slightly remote means there are no malls which degrade the aesthetics appeal of the town and one is advised to do all the retail needs in East London before embarking on your holiday to Morgans Bay.

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