Route 62 meandering through the Boland and the Robertson Wine Valley, and Cogman’s Kloof are all synonymous with the scenic quaint town of Montagu. The town was named after former secretary of the Cape Colony, John Montagu and established on the farm Uitvlugt in 1851. The farm and region is known for its natural hot springs which are reputed to have high therapeutic properties. The orchids and vineyards paint the most beautiful landscape in full bloom which is an annual tourist attraction.

This region is known for its agriculture, producing export quality apples, pears, apricots and peaches and not to mention world acclaimed wines.

It is then no surprise that the property market in Montagu is buoyant and diverse consisting of farms, small holding, freestanding homes, and townhouses.

It would almost be a travesty to see anything other than a typical Karoo styled home. There is however modern architectural homes which have managed to capture the essence of the Klein Karoo architecture with a manner of prestige.

Yes, even in Montagu there are prestigious homes of modern and nostalgic architecture, all in the prestigious price range. Farms do contribute a fair portion to the property market, and then there is the second holiday home market for those who seek utter tranquility and pristine Fynbos and nature and then investors in the agricultural sector and of course the adventure investors in the commercial catering sector as guest houses are always fully booked all year round.

One could in some way say this town is about “old money” as the town is stooped in tradition and cultural history.

Permanent residents and tourists are able to live off the land so to speak which means there is really no need for exclusive malls to sully the pristine natural beauty of the town.

For permanent residents schools are catered for like Montague Primary School and Hoerskool Montagu.

Tourists will never be bored as there is a myriad of activities to keep one busy.

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