Safely tucked in between the Outeniqua Mountains as the

backdrop and the Indian Ocean spread out like a cobalt blue oyster is the

breath taking one of a kind golf estate. The town of George has a number of

prestigious golf and lifestyle estates, all unique in their own way. Then there

is the newly released Le Grand Golf Estate. To date there is not an estate that

can rival Le Grand with what it has to offer the property investors. If you are

a permanent resident or if you would like a prestigious second holiday home

with extra activities that would cost one a pretty penny whilst on holiday then

Le Grand is for you.

The modern architecture is sophisticated and elegant and

unpretentious. This is prestige.  

The estate offers the same high degree of security as other


The estate is still under development and if one takes into

account all the outdoor activities on offer it would make perfect sense to get

in on the actin before the estate is developed and property values reach their

full market potential.

A boutique hotel, Bike Park, conference centre and the golf

course are only some of the elements unique to Le Grand.

As a residential estate Le Grand is of course close to

George Central with its commercial and industrial hubs with the difference that

it is just outside the city limits, bringing a true tranquil pristine setting.

There are schools catering for educational needs such as

York High School, Glenwood House School, Outeniqua Primary School and Outeniqua

High School.

George is a very popular tourist destination for local and

international tourists which means once the estate gains momentum foreign

interest will boost sales along with local second holiday home investors.  

For those who prefer to fly the George Airport is easily

accessible from the estate adding further convenience to the laid back


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