Lady Grey is a tiny village located in the North-Eastern Cape.

The town, like many other towns on the outreaches of society, was formed by the Dutch Reformed Church. Lady Grey was formed by the Aliwal North Dutch Reformed Church on the 30th April 1857. The residents were a bit too remote to travel long distances to church and thus it was decided to form Lady Grey, named after Eliza Lucy Grey (nee, Spencer), the daughter of Sir Richard Spencer, the governor of the Cape Colony.

The municipality was proclaimed in 1893.

Lady Grey borders Lesotho and is surrounded by some of the most picturesque mountains in the Eastern Cape, at the foothills of the Witteberg Mountain, so called for their snow caps during cold winter months.

Due to the remote location of Lady Grey, the nature is still very much untouched and unspoilt which attracts the purist nature lovers. The remote location also is a source of crisp clean, unpolluted air and mountain streams.

The tourism attraction includes bird watching, hiking camping, wild trout and Yellow fish fishing.

Lady Grey boasts a leading arts academy, The Lady Grey Arts Academy.

The school boast a holistic approach to education, allowing learners freedom of expression which they feel can best harvest their talents and develop their full potential in a competitive world where arts are limited in terms of generating sustainable income prospects.

The school offers the education department exams with the added benefit of arts being on the forefront of their approach. This they feel is a step in the right direction to undergraduate and graduate studies with higher education institutions within South Africa.

Lady Grey is a picturesque town with most of the historical buildings been restored to attract more tourists and possible permanent residents and property investors.

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