KwaMhlanga was established in 1914 as an official township in the Mpumalanga Province.

The town is a large metropolis serving a large community with well established suburbs, infrastructure and amenities which makes it an ideal residential town for all spectrum of income.

The town serves as the administrative capital to the North West regions of Mpumalanga which should displace any doubts as to the economic contribution the town has to the region.

The properties are a mixture of informal dwellings and free standing homes of varied architecture.

Property values are driven by demand which is linked to the proximity of the town to major routes and other towns.

The property value is from the low R 200,000 and way above the R 800,000 mark depending on size, age and architecture.

Being located in the Mpumalanga Province means there are a great number of tourist attractions which means properties have a more diverse use which serves as guest houses and Bed and Breakfasts. This in turn creates income opportunities for residents. Mpumalanga is also a stop over town for either tourists or business people travelling further north, making it a well located town.

The town has a number of public schools serving the rather large community. These schools include Hlonipa Secondary School, Kgantsho Primary School, Khyalitjha Primary School and KwaMhlanga Secondary School.

The town has a well established central business district with shops, vendors and retail malls like the Cross Roads Plaza and various other retail outlets.

Part of the community serve the Ekandustra Industrial hub and is in part sustained by employment from this industrial hub.

The Moloto Road and the R 568 make travel to other towns very convenient.

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