Kuruman is most predominantly known because it is the town at the edge of the Kalahari Desert and secondly and primarily for Die Oog, which is a convergence of underground water which has fountained in the town.

The spring feeds the town with water and is commonly known as the most vegetated oasis producing 71 000 litres of water daily.

The other event which is synonymous with Kuruman is that it is widely viewed as the fountain of Christianity to Africa, firstly for the natural spring and then because Robert Moffat started a missionary station here which has over the years become a centre for missionaries to embark from.

The town was established mainly because need and the intent of people to spread the Gospel to Africa. The London Missionary was crucial in helping to establish the town and in later years the town was home to David Livingston who took up the missionary at the Moffat Church which was built in 1821 by Robert Moffat.

The region is a tourist attraction and being on the edge of the Kalahari Desert there are deposits of semi-precious stones.

Other attractions to the town are The Kalahari Raptor Centre, Die Oog, The Bird sanctuary in town as well as the Wonderwerk Caves.

Kuruman offer yet more attractions, including hunting on one of the many private game farms and hiking and camping into the Kalahari Desert. There are scores of guest houses, lodges and B&B’s catering for tourists to the region.

This may be a small town but it has loads to do for tourists of all nomenclature and the region finds a way into most hearts and tourists often return not having sated their appetite for the nature and surroundings.

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