Kriel is a small Mpumalanga town which has a rich cultural history dating back to the Voortrekker days.

Carel Trichardt, the pioneering Voortrekker from the Cape Colony, exchanged goods with King Sabusa to acquire the land on which Kriel was founded around the 1850’s.

The land was then further traded and a school was built in 1903 on land that was donated by Paul Kruger on a farm which he named Onverwacht.

A post office was later added to the developing town which had at this stage discovered the rich coal deposits. This became a sustainable source of employment to the region and added to the development of the town and enticed many families to relocate here in search of employment.

The town slowly developed and ESKOM erected the first coal driven power plant that was at that time the largest in the southern hemisphere in Kriel.

In 1982 the Matla Power Station constructed started and was finished in 1993. To date this is one of the largest coal plants in the world.

The town of Kriel and the region has a dual source of sustainable economic power in the coal mining and power delivery industries.

There is of course support industrial engineering to support the maintenance of the two major industries which has brought further growth and more expansion to the town as a whole.

With a town based on a sustainable industry like mining there will be a need for infrastructure like schools, hospitals, malls and industrial and commercial hubs which have developed with the town to what it is today.

There are many available schools in and around Kriel, including Jan Kriel School, Merlin Park Primary School, Laerskool Krielpark and Kriel Christian Academy.

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