The suburb of Kilarney in Johannesburg has a colorful history dating back to 1930’s when the suburb belonged to Mr. I W Schlesinger.

It was his intention to bring some of his native New York lifestyle to Johannesburg and he subsequently built an apartment building to echo the New York art deco lifestyle and architecture.

As the suburb expanded with time it became a favored Jewish suburb. In recent years the suburb has become highly sought after as the property usage is predominantly high rise apartment buildings sought after by the upwardly mobile executives thus giving the suburb a status of exclusivity.

Kilarney is surrounded by suburbs like Houghton Estate, Park Town and Riviera have been beneficial to the suburb as the three suburbs serve various demographics but all having the same exclusivity status.

The suburb is in a prime location within easy access to the major commercial hubs of Rivonia, Sandton, Morningside and Rosebank which are the core source of employment to this region of Johannesburg. In yesteryear the commercial hub of the Johannesburg CBD was as crucial but when the trend changed for commercial concerns to move to suburbs the Johannesburg CBD had lost some its major properety investors.

The aesthetics of the apartment building vary from conventional 1960’s to many of the buildings having received major facelifts to keep up with modern aesthetic tastes and trends adding further to the general property values. Many of the apartments offer spectacular views over Park Town, Westcliff and the myriad of light cascades from Sandton.

The prime location of the suburb is further highlighted by the access offered by major roads such as the M1, Houghton Drive and access to Jan Smuts Avenue linking to Randburg, Bryanston and Fourways.

An exclusive suburb such as Kilarney would not be complete without\t the obligatory exclusive malls and the suburb is serviced by malls such as Kilarney Mall, The Zone @ Rosebank and Sandton City Mall.

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