The dual property usage in Kayser’s Beach, East London is home to many permanent residents and second holiday home owners. The suburb is picturesque and tranquil with almost no commercialization that affects the aesthetic appearance of the suburb. The tranquillity of the suburb has also attracted permanent residents who prefer this laid back lifestyle as it is a mere 36 km from East London thus it is not a remote location for a residential home.

The property usage in Kayser’s Beach consists mainly of freestanding homes and on the outskirts a number of farms. If one is looking for a seaside bargain then there are a fair number of properties to choose form and this is no indication to the status of the suburb bot possibly more an indication that it is still very much a developing suburb. This is also evident in the fair number of vacant stand on offer in the market.

The architecture is not as progressive as more mainstream suburbs or town and again this is only a result of the laid back lifestyle. There are naturally some modern architectural homes which adds to the general pricing structure of homes in the suburb and then there are log cabins constructed on pylons. What is sure import for intended buyers in Kayser’s Beach is the opportunity to have a home where they are unspoilt views of the pearly beaches and the ocean.

As a functional residential suburb there are schools which are; Kayser’s Beach Primary School, Kidds Beach Primary School and St Christopher’s Private School Kidds Beach.

For the major retail needs one would travel to East London where there are numerous malls catering for every need and alternative entertainment to the ocean and beaches.

Another benefit of residing in Kayser’s Beach is the fact that there is such thing as congested roads.

Take the plunge and invest in this seaside resort and enjoy the Friendly City.

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