The history dates back to the Khoi- and San people that inhabited the region for centuries. The region was discovered by traders at sea. The town of Jacobs Bay was established on a farm named 109 Jacobs Bay.

Jacobs Bay is a reasonably new holiday resort and village which used to be a business venture in which Deon Meyer and Shaun Keegan invested in during the 1980’s, with a vision of developing Jacobs Bay into the highly sought after destination it is today.

Developers like Meyer, Keegan and the Tredoux husband and wife team have invested with a well thought plan with long term visions.

The region is known for its fishing and this was one of the marketing strategies employed to establish Jacobs Bay as an attraction. With crayfish, abalone and some game fish on offer the recipe was set.

The town or resort was developed in a 3km stretch which has protected bays and sand dunes which add to the overall attraction with holiday makers.

The developers had strict guidelines in the architectural style and size of homes which they were going to permit to control irresponsible an unsightly homes which could spoil the ambiance of the homes that have already been there. The architecture reflects the idea of a fisherman’s village with whitewash, thatch, rock and earthy tones.

The resort is only 90 minutes' drive from Cape Town making it an ideal weekend getaway but has also due to good marketing been attracting tourist upcountry and abroad.

The region is already well established as a tourist and holiday destination, surrounded by resorts such as Club Mykonos, Mauritzbay and Langebaan, to name but a few.

The additional tourist attractions in the region that cannot go without a mention are West Coast Fossil Park, Oliphantskop Horse Trail, which snakes onto the pristine beach in places, Tietiesbaai and Paternoster Beach.

And for entertainment or nightlife and restaurants there is Mykonos Casino and Langebaan which cater for retail needs.

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