In 1884 Gold was struck in the Confidence Reef near what is today known as Roodepoort. This brought with it a population growth that necessitated a whole number of plots to be sold on auction.

With this exponential growth suburbs began to form and the Witwatersrand was in the making.

Roodepoort expanded into its present day town with a large number of suburbs.

One of these suburbs is Horison Park. Judging by the general age of Roodepoort one can safely assume that Horison Park is equally well-established. This fact has many benefits to the suburb such as long standing exposure in the marketplace, steady growth in property values and an architecture that has captured the timeline of the suburb.

Today Horison Park is a mixed use property suburb consisting of freestanding homes, apartments, townhouses and cluster homes. The suburb is also classified as a middle-class to middle upper-class suburb.

Due to Horison Park’s prime location and other beneficial attributes there is a high demand for homes in the suburb.

Tree lined sidewalks and tree rich manicured gardens tell a story of a jovial familial atmosphere with the added benefit of being tranquil is yet another factor that makes the suburb so appealing.

By today’s economic climate residents in Horison Park are not solely dependent on mining and related industries as a source of sustainable household income but the commercial sector has expanded to some of the Roodepoort suburb bringing the office closer for many residents.

Horison Park draws form many major roads to justify its prime location. Ontdekkers Road for example connects with the N1 Western Bypass and 14th Avenue connects further down into Randburg with its commercial hubs. In the opposite direction there is easy access to industrial hubs such as Chamdor and Manufacta.

Horison Park has access to reputable and well-established schools such as West Ridge High School, Horizon View Primary School and Florida High School.

Take a tour of the homes in Horison Park via the Myroof web-site.

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