West of Darling in the Western Cape and less than an hour drive from Cape Town lays the super-tranquil pristine white beaches, vegetation covered sand dunes and cobalt blue South Atlantic of Ocean Grotto Bay.

To some this beautiful tranquil resort town is home and to others this is the perfect second holiday home. One should not be surprised to the fact that Grotto Bay properties are prestigious. The architecture is a good mixture of post-modern, modern chic and elegant and some typical fisherman style homes all finished with the most exquisite interiors and built to drink in the pristine tranquil surroundings.

If Grotto Bay is less than an hour from Cape Town then one could assume many permanent residents have to chosen to live here for those very specific reasons. This is prestigious home located outside an estate or resort which yields these property sales values. The vacant stands are varied in size and values ranging from around the R 800 000 to above R 900 000.

It is obviously not certain to what extent the municipality will allow development of the town but for now, there are also a number of vacant stands on the market at fair prices.

If the average sales price on the open market for an existing home is in excess of R4 million then one can safely assume that property values will increase rather than devalue making it a good investment prospect for either permanent and holiday residents.

For permanent residents there are some schools nearby but one could assume that children would travel with parents and attend schools in Cape Town for convenience sake.

For seasonal tourist residents the activities are endless with Grotto Bay Trails, Darling Stagger hiking trail or a visit to the Cape West Coast Biosphere Reserve will keep one occupied for days on end.

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