George Central, along with Knysna is maybe the core attractions for tourists and property owners alike.

The vegetation to these regions is quite unique and should not be taken for granted, especially when looking at the vegetation as part of the exterior aesthetics of a home.

George Central literally means the centre of George. The suburb is a prestigious suburb with a mixed property usage which consists of freestanding homes, palatial freestanding homes, apartments and commercial residential property.

The commercial residential property market constitutes a fair portion of the market in the form of guest houses and lodges which also contribute to the household income of many families reliant on the tourist industry.

Of course, the pensioner’s property market should not be omitted from the list as this is a segment that caters for national and international pensioners seeking the tranquillity of George along with the unspoilt nature surrounding the region.

The architecture in George Central will vary as it is an old and well-established suburb with a long history in culture and property. For this reason there is the conventional; type architecture found in the late 50’s to 80’s and then the unmistakable Cape Dutch architecture but also German Gothic as seen in many of the old landmark Historical buildings and the progressive modern architecture that came with the development of the number of surrounding estates.

But being a residential suburb firstly means there are amenities like schools that have to be catered for to give the suburb, town and region some longevity. There are a number of reputable schools catering for educational needs such as Outeniqua High School, York High School, Glenwood House School and George Secondary School.

The tourist venues are just too many to mention and there are also the seasonal festivals unique to the region but there are also malls catering for retails needs such as George Loerie Centre, George’s Walk Arcade and Voltex.

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