One of the town that signify the beginning of the Garden Route is Jeffrey’s Bay. Now just that fact is one of a lulling tranquillity and natural beauty.

Drive a bit further north west from J-Bay and one reaches the hamlet of Gamtoos Mouth. The resort town gets its name from the Gamtoosriveir which is a natural oasis teeming with birdlife and other small animals. It is a tourist haven for this and the fact that the fair weather is a water sport playground and then there are other activities like spotting whales or combing the beach for shells.

Looking for a second holiday home or a residential home in this hamlet should be an adventure of its own as the variety of property usage is well-balanced, the status is middle to middle upper-class and there is an architectural style that will cater to every desire like modern architecture, log homes, quaint cottage style homes and modern architecture in a limited number which one could assume is mainly due to the lack of large scale development.

Property usage in Gamtoos Mouth consists of freestanding homes, townhouses, vacant stands and farms.

As with any other town or resort vacant stands are a commodity as one can design and build a home to your own specific needs and desires.

As a residential town there are schools namely Victory Christian School, Kings College Primary School and Jeffrey’s Bay High School which are only 30 minutes’ drive from Jeffrey’s Bay.

For a town as tranquil and laid back as this, it is obvious to see why it is such a highly sought after residential address.

Many homes with private jetties are built on the banks of the Gamtoosriveir which is something to behold with the water almost lapping the sides of the homes.

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