The key phrase for the suburb of Fairview in Port Elizabeth is turnkey homes. This approach may be attributed to the lifestyle approach of suburbs like Sandton where everything is on the doorstep.

Naturally turnkey homes do not make up the entire property usage of the suburb but it is a major driving factor amongst the younger generation like first-time buyers and young married couples.

Fairview is a lucrative property market irrespective of the diverse property usage and it sits at the upper-middle class of the income spectrum.

Architecture of homes in general are tending more towards modern and modern with a few older home in the more conventional architectural styles. Trending designs do, as in any other suburb enjoy a lot more attention which drives the market value of property in the right direction in the suburb.

Getting back to turnkey, the suburb is in a prime location offering easy convenient access to industrial and commercial nodes, schools and malls.

Industrial nodes that form part of the household income of Fairview residents are Sidwell, New Brighton which is the home of Ford South Africa’s assembly plant and Gately Industrial Township which is home to Mercedes Benz South Africa’s assembly plant.

Taking into account these two major industrial and commercial ventures it is obvious to see that the commercial sector and allied industries in the town is large and this also then adds to household income for Fairview residents.

Being a well-established suburb means there is no shortage of schools to choose from. This list is endless but here are a few; Lorraine Primary School, Linkside High School, Westering High School and Collegiate Girls’ High School.

There are likewise too many malls to mention, here is the same shortened list; Baywest Mall, Greenacres Shopping Center and Pier 14 Shopping Center.

Residents all have the benefit of enjoying the laid back holiday atmosphere that comes with seaside living which is enhanced once tourists arrive.

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