The suburb of Eldorette falls under the Akasia municipality north of Pretoria. Towns and suburbs are established with the rate at which population grows.

In some ways, suburbs are polarised in age groups and this then also determines the property usage to a large extent of many suburbs.

The mixed property usage of Eldorette consists of freestanding homes, apartments and townhouses. Most of the current freestanding homes in Eldorette have left vacant land for townhouse developments which cater for a large market segment consisting of young single people, first-time buyers and couples starting of a family. For this reason, townhouses and apartments are the safest entry-level properties from which to upgrade to larger freestanding homes.

The new townhouse developments have and will do so in many emerging suburbs, set an architectural standard which is modern and fashionable. This then invites owners of freestanding homes to upgrade exterior features of their homes thus adding value to the suburbs properties as a whole.

Eldorette is in a perfect location with major roads connecting the suburb to industrial and commercial hubs from Rosslyn, Pretoria North, Les Marais and Pretoria Central and industrial hubs likewise. Hornsnek Road means residents are also close to Brits with its large industrial hub.

Well-maintained infrastructure is always a good indication as to the financial state of a suburb and of this Eldorette has no shortfall. The roads are well-maintained, sidewalks are neat and manicured. This has also instilled a sense of pride in residents of Eldorette and the private gardens are neatly manicured.

Set in a well-established region of Pretoria North West means Eldorette can draw on the resources like reputable schools and malls.

A number of reputable schools nearby are Laerskool Akasia, Hoerskool Akasia, Charis Christian School and Assumption Convent Primary School.

Malls catering for retail needs and entertainment are Wonderpark Shopping Centre, Wonderboom Junction, Sinoville Centre and Kolonnade Shopping Centre.

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