Brackenhurst was established in the early 1900’s, as the municipality of Alberton was expanding to accommodate the expanding working class.

The suburb caters for the middle to upper-class income groups. The central location of the suburb is but one of the factors that drive demand for homes within the suburb and the other being the mixed property use which comprises of freehold homes, clusters and townhouses.

Town-houses are popular within most suburbs as this is the entry level market for first time home buyers and buy-to-let investors alike, partly due to the reasonable affordability and then for the stable growth and high demand. In the case of Brackenhurst the townhouses are for the middle class, which means prices range from the mid R500’s to above R700 depending on what the individual properties offer.

The other factor that drives demand for property in the suburb is its proximity to major roads, industrial hubs and amenities. These southern Johannesburg suburbs rely heavily on the industrial sector as a source of income and are the backbone for sustainable growth to the region as a whole, as the foundation was primarily mining at the point of establishment of these suburbs.

The architecture of the suburb is both conventional and modern which will please a larger market. Property growth rates are comparable to suburbs like Alberton and more exclusive suburbs with only pricing, being slightly lower.

This bodes well for the rental market in the suburb which is a substantial part of the market in the suburb.

The suburb has no particular age group which is a positive in the sales market meaning there is strong demand and positive sales figures with people opting to upgrade within the suburb to more exclusive homes.

The schools in the region are popular and well-established with a few private schools conveniently close.

Here is a list of some of the major industrial hubs close to Brackenhurst;




Popular schools in the suburb and nearby are;

Brackenhurst Primary School

Bracken High School

Kenton Primary School

Cosmo Private School

Hoerskool Alberton

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