Brackendowns is a suburb of the greater Alberton which is located south of Johannesburg. This well-established tree-lined street suburb will appeal to a broad number of buyers and tenants market. Various favorable factors like the prime location, stable growth in property values, the reasonable affordability and surrounding amenities are sure to keep a high demand for properties.

The mixed property use which comprises townhouses and freehold homes is a major benefit to the suburb in general as this increases the market platform of the suburb catering for first time home buyers in both the sectional-title and freehold homes market with the reasonable affordability in mind.

Where the northern suburbs are sustained more by the commercial sector the southern suburbs are supported more by the industrial sector which is evident in the number of industrial hubs and their sizes close to the southern suburbs.

Market behavior thus predicts that we all need to live as close to work as conveniently possible. Thus the demand for the location of suburbs in general are driven more by the sector of employment than any other factor. Thus properties are viewed more in terms functional use than aesthetic or brand name suburbs. This does not mean the homes are not exclusive or undervalued but more aimed at the middle class.

The architecture of the homes in Brackendowns is mixed with both modern and conventional like its southern suburb neighbors.

Schools in the region and suburb are just as popular and scholastic acumen just as important.

Thus the highlights or benefits of the suburb are the major roads to schools, industrial and retail hubs.

Here is a list of popular schools in Brackendowns or near to the suburb;

Alberton Christian Academy

Alberton High School

Bracken High School

Cosmo Private School

Hoerskool Alberton

Laerskool Orion

Malls near to Brackenhurst are;

Bracken Gardens Mall

Alberton City Mall

Bracken City Mall

Take a tour of the homes in Brackendowns via the Myroof web-site.

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