Bellevue East is a mixed-use residential and commercial suburb of Johannesburg, it is considered to be part of the CBD of Johannesburg but one could consider the suburb to be more east of Johannesburg. The reason for this is the location of the suburb to the surrounding suburbs of Upper Houghton, De Wetshof and Yeoville.

There is a vibey young culture living and working in the suburb and with easy access to Louis Botha Avenue on the doorstep means every thinkable amenity is within easy access.

From Louis Botha Avenue, one can reach all the major commercial precincts north of Johannesburg and all the major industrial precincts east of Johannesburg, and everything in between.

Property values in the suburb are stable and increasing and, one of the reasons for this is the fact that residents of the suburb live in their homes for at least 11 years. This is true for freehold homes, apartments and sectional title townhouses. This is also true for the commercial end of the market and, the main reason here, is the fact that the suburb has easy access to all the surrounding suburbs, highways and various freighting options.

The architectural style of homes in the suburb is a time-lapse of architectural history, with homes dating back to every era in the history of Johannesburg’s growth. In the sectional-title apartment segment of the market, one has the old apartment buildings that offered various configurations catering for bachelors, one-bedroom apartments and three-bedroom apartments. Today many of these apartments are viewed more as lofts and, many have become more upmarket. Townhouses cater for the middle-class and upper-class and freehold homes for everything in between.

Residents have access to reputable private and public schools, malls like East Gate Shopping Mall and Sandton with all its upmarket malls.

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