Think of Barberton and the first thing that comes to mind is an orange little flower, indigenous to this region of Mpumalanga.

The first form of life on earth was found in Barberton, a bacterial fossil dating back 3.2 billion years namely the Archaeospheroides barbertoniswas. The oldest exposed rocks on earth are found in the Isua greenstone belt in the west of Greenland, the second oldest being the rocks in Barberton, dating back 3.5 billion years.

Seeing satellite images of Barberton one realises the magnificence and beauty a place like Barberton could hold waiting to be discovered in the bush and mountains.

The other things to provoke the mind is the bushveld, mountains, Jock of the Bushveld and gold.

With the discovery of gold by many prospectors and hopefuls the north eastern parts of South Africa became populated and developed.

In 1881 gold was discovered by a British prospector, Tom McLachlan. Prospecting and surviving in these regions posed major problems for any person as malaria was a real human threat.

On the 24th of July 1884 Barberton was proclaimed a town by the works of Graham Barber who informed the Magistrate of Lydenburg to investigate the gold deposits found in Barberton.

Between Edwin Bray and 14 other partners a mining company was started named the Sheba Gold Reef Mining Company.

From then the town has grown steadily to what it is now. Barberton is a flourishing thriving bushveld town with all the amenities of a large city, with schools, malls, hospitals and the threat of malaria a bit more under control.

Schools in Barberton include:

  • Barberton High School
  • Barberton Secondary School
  • Chief Funwako High School Mpumalanga

Industries supporting Barberton currently would be forestry and tourism.

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