Signal Hill and the rest of Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard have a lot to offer in terms of perspective property owners in the prestigious property market.

Understandably Bantry Bay will not suit the general population’s budget as property values are in a class of their own. The property values stem from artificial and tangible factors with the artificial contributing factors being the proximity of the homes to the seafront and beaches with all the homes making use of their location to have panoramic views of the sea.

The more tangible factors which are also part of the general growth in property values are the sizes of individual homes be it freehold homes, cluster homes, apartments or studio apartments. Then there are the interior finishings which are state of the art and with almost unrivalled craftsmanship.

Taking all these factors into account then there is a certain degree to which the property values are justified and the upward trend in property values are almost guaranteed especially considering the foreign interest in property on the Cape Town Atlantic Seaboard. This is where the cosmopolitan lifestyle, mixed with the laid back atmosphere merge to display Cape Town and its many jewels to full value.

There are of course other factors which play a huge role in the exposure of suburbs like Bantry Bay such as the many prestigious hotels nearby such as Ambassador Hotel and Executive Suites, The Clarendon Villa Bantry Bay and Compass House Boutique Hotel. The well-heeled foreign tourists to these 4 stars and up hotels are immediately exposed to the splendour of Bantry Bay’s finest homes.

Other factors which are major contributors to demand for homes in Bantry Bay are the architecture of the individual homes and apartment buildings which are is to put it mildly contemporary but more individualistically contemporary.

The other factor of course is the use of space each homes or apartment has as a footprint where no detail has been spared and lighting is important to these architectural marvels.

Take a tour of the homes in Bantry Bay, Cape Town via the Myroof web-site.

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