Aerorand is a suburb located in Mpumalanga Province. It is a suburb which can be described as idyllic and certainly middle-class judging by the strong performance in property values. These have increased by the normal 6% p/a equal to the South African market.

The mixed property use means a larger market is satisfied in pricing and income from townhouses, apartments and freehold homes and cluster developments.

Many of the new developments are modern which adds to the appeal of the suburb and also caters for a younger market.

The suburb and surrounding suburbs are expanding and this is a good yardstick in gauging the demand and growth rate for property in the more popular suburbs.

Education in and near to the suburb are schools like, Middelburg Primary School, Hoerskool Middelburg, CVO Skool Middelburg and Steelcrest High School.

Middelburg is the main centre for commercial and retail hubs but there are the smaller retail outlets more common to suburbs. Here is a list of some of the more popular malls near to Aerorand, Middelburg Mall and Highveld Mall.

Being geared more towards the industrial manufacturing sector, most of the suburbs are sustained by companies manufacturing stainless steel products and mining support industries and the mining of coal which is the primary source of income for the larger sector.

Towns like Middelburg and its suburbs are not as remote as perceived as many people commute to towns like Pretoria on a daily basis with a travel time of around 90 minutes or 140,2 km’s.

The town and its suburbs are thus self-sustaining and not completely reliant on outside sources of income.

Agriculture is the other source of sustainability to the region and to mention but one famous brand, ALZU eggs which are from Middleburg just to put the importance of the town and suburbs into perspective.

Take a tour of the many suburbs of Middelburg, Mpumalanga via the Myroof website.

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