When selling your property it is important to assess how you want to sell your property. There are various ways in doing this and selling your property online is just one of those methods or tools at your disposal.


Here are some tips and guidelines to assist you in selling your property online.

  • The first thing to do is to find websites or companies which offer an online listing service.
  •  Some of these companies charge a listing fee for advertising your property through their website.
  • These companies will more than likely also offer a service to sell your property at a fee.
  • There are companies which offer this service for free.
  • You will find their tools helpful and the links offered will guide you through the process of listing your property on their website.
  • Take photo's of your property, concentrating on the best aspects of your property.
  • Put a story to your photo's and if you are not sure there is always help at hand to assist you in describing your property.
  • When you put pen to paper so to speak concentrate on special features of your property. Like “the cascading pool with a view of the surrounding hills”. Or the “designer landscaped gardens, set on a manicured lawn'. These descriptions will attract attention to outdoor people or avid gardeners. If it is an architect designed house state who the architect was, when the house was designed and what makes the design different. For example, “A Mediterranean Double story design with panoramic views from full length armour plated glass, set in seamless aluminium frames. This speaks of build quality and these words will speak to a person who is set on details and quality. An engineer for example. If you think back these may be the details that attracted you to this property and to purchase it.
  • Give accurate contact details and it would be advisable to state viewing times.
  • Elaborate on what makes the suburb attractive. For example, “the property is located close to malls, schools and there is unrestricted access to all major free ways”. Some of these details tell perspective buyers that this is a property which is child friendly and it is a family home and it may be a growing or an established suburb.
  • Inform perspective buyers what the size of the house is, how many bedrooms, garages, and all other amenities.
  • If there is a neighbourhood watch elaborate on this. If there is an alarm system which is connected to a reaction team state this.
  • It would at this point be advisable to obtain crime statistics from your local police station and tell perspective buyers that yours is a safe suburb.
  • Advise perspective buyers as to when the last renovations or major maintenance was done.
  • Selling your property online has a broad target market, more so than any other form of marketing your property. Your property receives maximum exposure.


You have followed all these steps and tips.

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