As you get older, you will need to retire sooner or later. But do you have the adequate back-up in place to retire comfortably? Only a few people in South Africa can afford to retire on their retirement fund only. So, do you have any more ideas on how to retire comfortably?

For those who are close to retirement, and even those who aren’t so close yet, you can always consider investing some of your money in repossessed property sold on auction. These properties are very much affordable and it is a long-term-, low-risk investment. This could be the ideal investment if you want to add to your investments.

This property can then be rented out to contribute to your income. The rental market’s demand is very high and it is performing quite well. The property can also be sold just before or just after retirement. This will give you a further solid financial injection.

MyRoof specializes in offering repossessed properties going on auction. Furthermore, we offer you the opportunity to buy repossessed properties directly from the banks. These properties go for much cheaper than ‘normal’ listed properties, and it will save you thousands in the process.

This is a very good proposition to make your retirement even more comfortable. Do you want to retire comfortably?

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