Within the last five years it is clear that the residential developments in The Orchards – an area in the north of Pretoria – have grown exponentially as demand increases. Developers and investors are joining the throngs of first-time buyers in snapping up the affordable land and houses available in The Orchard’s suburb.

The suburb’s convenient location, in close proximity to the N4 Western highway to Brits and Rustenburg, and a stone’s throw away from Rosslyn, makes it an ideal starting point for the upwardly mobile.

Developers have invested in the construction of smaller, more compact homes. Two or three bedrooms of around 60 square meters are reasonably priced between R400 000 and R500 000. Bank repossessed houses sell for around R300 000 – a great way for lower income buyers who qualify for home loans to enter the property market and use as a stepping stone.

Those buyers who invest in homes in The Orchards area generally looking to eventually move to Pretoria North proper or closer to Pretoria City Centre. According to local estate agents the moves people make from The Orchards to surrounding suburbs have been particularly beneficial for the Booysen’s area property market. In close proximity to the Mabopane highway, Booysens generally offers strong and stable homes at very affordable prices.

The move from The Orchards’ developments to Booysens is also mitigated by the fact that homes in the area are generally twice the floor or erf sizes of those homes available in The Orchards area. Developers have caught onto this real estate trend and are buying up the larger old ‘burger erfs’ with are priced around R850 000 for a 2500 square meter stand. These are then split into four smaller erfs and houses then built in the subdivided areas.

It would seem that those first-time buyers looking for affordable homes in the Pretoria area should seriously consider looking at the great, newly built developer houses for sale in The Orchards.

There is a veritable buffet of stunning houses for sale in the Orchards on MyRoof.co.za .

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