Yes, we can help you to sell your property faster. That's the good news, the even better news is that our techniques are quick and easy to do, requires only an internet connection and a computer and will definitely show results. What we want you to do is spend a couple of minutes (it should not take more than 30 minutes) to make your private property listing on MyRoof.co.za appear more attractive to prospective buyers. Before you can start you need to log onto MyRoof.co.za and navigate to your property for sale from where you'll be able to edit it, see the picture below:


Next you need to select the property you're going to enhance and click edit as shown below:


and finally we get to the good stuff, the screen where you can edit your property for sale to your hearts content. There are a number of enhancements we recommend. You obviously don't want to reduce your asking price, thus we're going to list the enhancements from the easiest to the hardest:

  1. Add online notes: This is a very very important part of selling your property that is often overlooked or disregarded. Thousands of prospective property buyers browse MyRoof.co.za daily, they're able to see your properties floor plan and photos, but they don't know about the bore hole, the lapa, the rose garden, the shopping center that's only 5 minutes walk away or the fact that the asking price is negotiable if you don't add it under Property Notes. There is definitely a correlation between people who add Property notes and properties that get sold on MyRoof.co.za!
  2. Upload photo's of your property. It might be that the it was a rainy day when the MyRoof.co.za consultant visited your property or he might not have had access to your entertainment area, yet your entertainment area might be a great selling point for your property. All you need to do is grab your camera, snap a few pictures on a bright sunshiny day and upload them using the image uploader.

  3. Remove any estate agent boards in front of your property and leave only the MyRoof.co.za Private Sale board or make a Private Sale board yourself. Property Buyers are more likely to contact private sellers as they know they're saving on agents commission. Remember that you're paying an agent up to 7% to sell your property, you don't want a passer by who notices an estate agent board to pay an extra 7% to an agent because they saw their estate agent board in front of your property.
  4. Many people are opting to rent their properties out until the property market makes a turn for the better. If this is a option for you you can easily advertise your property as to let by simply adding a Letting Price in the space provided.
  5. Although the viewing experience buyers get on MyRoof.co.za is second to none, a serious buyer would still want to view your property before making an offer. Make it easy for a buyer to view your property by organizing a show date. By entering a show date and time in the boxes provided MyRoof.co.za will email prospective buyers who have shown their interest in your area and price range by adding a alert and tell them that your property will be on show. It's a good idea to show your property on Sundays between 14:00 and 17:00 as this is when most people show their properties and most buyers drive around looking for property.
  6. If you've done all of the above but are desperate to sell quickly, you can email info@myroof.co.za and ask us to list your property as an URGENT property sale. We'll then mark your private sale as urgent and people will be able to view an urgent ribbon on your property.
  7. Lastly, if all else fails and if you're desperate to sell you might want to consider reducing your asking price. Luckily, when selling your property privately through MyRoof.co.za you don't have to pay any agents commission. This means that you can reduce your asking price by as much as 7% and still sell your property for the same price you would get when an agent sold you property. If you reduce your asking price by more than R5 000,00 MyRoof.co.za will email prospective buyers who have set up alerts for your area and price range, informing them of your price reduction. When reducing your price your property will also display a Price Reduced ribbon.



Good luck with advertising your property for sale. If you've got any tips on private property sales, please feel free to share them using the comments form provided at the bottom of this page.

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