Everyone at MyRoof.co.za believes we have the best private property website in the world. We're the only property website we know of with floor plans for every property listed on our site. We launched our five minute rental listing service last month with huge success. Our consultants use wide angle cameras to show you how the rooms on our properties look, not the corners of the rooms as you get with normal cameras. Our alexa ranking shows the phenomenal growth we've experienced during this year which speaks for itself... BUT every now and again we try to remember that every kid is a king in his parents eyes which is the reason we've added our new FEEDBACK button on every page on our site.

So, if you have suggestion on how we can improve the site, please feel free to leave us a comment and track the update on your suggestion from our online forum which can be accessed using the same button. You can also use the button to report any bug you might find so that we can sort it out.

Lastly, we'd like to invite you to send us articles you've written on the property market which we'll publish on our Blog or to request us to write on a specific topic which interests you.

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