Bryanston, a Northern Johannesburg suburb is experiencing an upsurge in commercial property development and investment.

Like with many suburbs around South Africa there is a growth being experienced. The trend seems to be that commercial property dictates whether a suburb will expand or stagnate.

Bryanston is an old established suburb with a large commercial node servicing various industries.

With commercial property in demand and the location of this suburb it is sought-after. With the N1 and the Lanseria Airport nearby it makes for an excellent investment suburb.

The residential properties in Bryanston also rest on the investment and reputation of Sandton. Schools are of South Africa's more elite class, hospitals, clinics and attorneys chambers all located in Sandton. These suburbs are very much self sustaining and this is also an investment attraction. Infrastructure exists and commercial development is just extending the sustainability and growth of these suburbs.

If we look at less developed suburbs the desire to invest is less, resulting that growth will be stinted or slow. Economic factors also drive these lower income suburbs - the less income the less fashionable the basic services and developments. Look at district hospitals as an example: Sandton has of the best private hospitals in South Africa whereas less affluent suburbs only have government hospitals with basic health care.

There has been a revival in investors wanting to develop and invest in Bryanston, as can be seen from new commercial property being developed in this upmarket suburb. There is less vacant property in suburbs like Bryanston than in industrial areas.

Why is this such a good investment forecast? If we take into account the surging fuel prices and the fact that South Africa is one country where we travel far distances to get to destinations, it makes perfect sense to work as close as possible to the office. For this reason it is always advisable to look at the kind of development being undertaken in suburb. If for example, there is low cost housing in the suburb, you can be sure this will decrease the value of your property in a short period of time.

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