If Phelindaba was mothballed, why would the government then be considering a “from scratch” nuclear power plant project in a remote location like Humansdorp?

In the end it is development and job creation, and this envisaged project is still in the impact study phase.

What are the beneficial financial and investment implications of a project like this?

Humansdorp was traditionally a through fare to either Jeffrey’s Bay or St Francis Bay, which are approximately 20 km away.

Industries which support Humansdorp would be Port Elizabeth, mainly with automotive manufacturing being at the top of the list. Secondary industries are fisheries and tourism. With a statistical population of around 70 000 according to Statistics SA’s 2001 figures, there is a lot of underdeveloped land. Humansdorp is located between some of South Africa's most breath taking nature reserves, which by itself, is a multinational tourist attraction.

As with any major development occurring there are generally spin-offs, and residential property to service the intended development is one such spin-off. With this, infrastructure needs to be in place like schools, hospitals, and malls to service the work force.

This is when a relatively dormant place like Humansdorp could see exceptional growth and become a sought after tourist destination.

According to Rawson properties, the average price for a standard family home will fetch around R700 00 with current selling conditions.

With the current favourable interest rates it would be a good time to consider investing in Humansdorp, demand is not that high which relates to cheaper prices. That is until development begins.

You could maybe consider investing in a holiday property, where the norm is that development would eventually catch up and then prices will not be anywhere near what they are currently. News is always a good marketing tool to put a place on a map.

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